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As the name implies, our living room is the primary location where we spend most of our time. Because of this, we spend most of our waking hours at home, surrounded by our living room furnishings. Choosing modern design living room furniture that is comfy, practical, and, of course, elegant is essential because these pieces are some of the hardest-working in our houses.


Designer Sofa Sets

When furnishing your modern living room from scratch, the sofa is the best place to begin your search. As the living room’s focal point, it should be both visually appealing and comfortable. You must get it just right. Make a rough estimate of your room’s dimensions before you begin searching for a sofa. Do not overlook the importance of styling a couch, which can either make it look empty or cluttered depending on the number of accessories it has.

Consider the layout of your space. On your sofa, where are you most likely to want to relax? You can opt for an informal and symmetrical look by placing two armchairs in front of a coffee table between the sofa and two armchairs. In terms of design, do you prefer a more laid-back layout or a more organic one? Knowing where you want your sofa to go in the room will help you narrow your search for the right size and shape.

If your living room is on the smaller side, you’ll want to avoid selecting a sofa style that will overwhelm the space. Consider a mid-century modern style or a low-slung and casual look if you want it to allow light to flow around it.

It’s all about uncovering the proper amount of texture and color, going beyond just using throws and cushions. Consider things like plants, floor lamps, and a rug for a cohesive look in the surrounding area.

1. Throws

A throw or blanket can add a pop of color to your scheme. If it’s neutral, it will soften the overall design. Choose patterned thin throws for spring and summer, and chunky wool throws for autumn and winter. A cozy atmosphere can be achieved by draping it over the sofa’s head or the arms. It’s a fabulous way to count texture and is perfect for snuggling up on chilly nights. You can also use your throw to cover the seat cushions, which will protect the fabric from pets, children, and the like while also helping to preserve it.

2. Cushions

Adding new cushions to your sofa is the quickest and easiest way to update your modern living room. Incorporate a variety of textures and fabrics into your sofa’s decor, as well as decorative accents, to keep it feeling cozy and inviting. If you decide to go with patterned cushions, consider grouping together geometric pillows, for example. A well-considered look can be achieved by placing one on each sofa cushion. Place a few color-blocked pillows in the middle to brighten up the room.

In addition, the placement of different cushion shapes can play tricks on the eye. When placing two square cushions next to each other, place a rectangular cushion in front of them to create the illusion of different heights.

3. Plants

Small or large plants on either side of the sofa balance the space and add natural light. All-green plants soothe the eyes and give the room a contemporary yet balanced look. Invest in a tall indoor plant to frame your space. Introduce a tall plant like a Kentia Palm or a Fiddle Leaf Fig for height and spread. Add a collection of plants of varying sizes to enhance the feature.

4. Lighting

There are few things more important in a living room than lighting. As the evenings draw in, turn on the task lights and create a cozy reading nook. Lighting on the other side of your sofa will help frame the look and create an inviting lighting scheme. Opt for a floor lamp with warm bulbs to add a sense of coziness. Invest in a brightly colored lampshade if your sofa is more on the neutral side.

5. Side Table

While lounging on the couch, keep your essentials close at hand on a side table next to the sofa. It doesn’t have to be enormous; it’s just big enough to accommodate a cup of tea, and the remote control is sufficient.

6. Footstool

Depending on their size, having a matching sofa, footstools, poufs, and ottomans is a great way to add extra seating. It’s easy to find footstools that have built-in storage, making them ideal for storing magazines, blankets, and the like.

7. Rugs

Rugs are a fantastic way to tie your furnishings together while adding texture and pattern to your room. You might prefer a plush rug in front of your sofa, where you can rest your tired feet after a long day’s work. To avoid the “floating rug” look, avoid placing a small rug in the middle of the room that is not attached to any other furniture. Instead of this, opt for a large rug big enough to fit beneath your sofa, or at least around the perimeter of your sofa’s feet. So if you are looking for a rug for your living room, go as big as you can. At the very least, all of the furniture should have at least two legs resting on its surface.

Modern Chairs for the Living Room

Without a stunning accent chair, no interior is complete. Here are some ideas for you to make it work.

1. Pink Accent Chair with Wooden Legs

Velvet takes you back to the roaring twenties. In your living room, this dusky rose, sturdy-legged chair could be the perfect accessory.

2. Mid-Century Modern-Style Walnut Accent Chair

Are you interested in getting a closer look at the real thing? These mid-century chairs have a walnut-like finish as their final touch, using basswood and poplar. Legs made of stainless steel with non-marking feet ensure a beautiful surface.

3. Traditional French-Style Accent Chair With Stripes

Bring a tiny piece of France into your home. The subtle stripes and distressing on this chair, which is framed in cedarwood and has a cotton seat base, evokes the French countryside.

Coffee Table Modern Design

A coffee table is a must-have in any living room, and it’s usually placed in front of the couch. Stacking books and flowers is easy, and the remote control, newspapers, and magazines can all be stored in them.

Contemporary Sideboards for the Living Room

Sideboards come in many styles, shapes, and finishes. Its unique silhouette allows it to be used in various ways while remaining the focal point of any room it adorns. Most modern armoirs combine form and function with straight lines, minimalism, and creative design. The large surface area of a sideboard allows for a stylish and elegant display. But it’s often the storage space below that wins. It can solve many of your design problems.

1. Exquisite Wooden Wonders:

The recent decorating trend has seen a surge in natural materials and locally sourced timber. Aside from being more eco-friendly, these fabulous wooden sideboards add texture without looking out of place. Style and decorate them subtly to make them the star of the show. Combining a woodsy, rustic finish with metallic mesh doors creates an industrial-style sideboard.

2. Geometric Contrast and Pattern

Modern sideboards are not all about refined grey panache and white simplicity. Retro and vintage patterns are making a comeback, even on sideboards. That 70s show décor item is now a common addition to contemporary living room furniture, entryway, or dining room. Simple stripes or even a chevron finish can work if the floral pattern is too much. Geometric motifs and subtle curved edges can also work well in a straight-lined living room.

3. Stoic and Contemporary

The contemporary grey sideboard is undeniably the most popular in many modern settings and is likely to remain so for some time. A grey sideboard allows the decorative pieces above it to stand out more while maintaining the room’s colour scheme. It also allows you to combine an eclectic mix of accent pieces, vases, or other accessories on or around it. The grey sideboard is smart and easily fits most living, dining, or entryways.

Trending in Modern Design Living Room

By 2022, the modern living room is all about curved shapes and undulating lines. Softness and arcs are what we want instead of straight lines. It’s also evident in fabric choice. Tactile fabrics like boucle, velvet, and linen provide an extra layer of comfort. A departure from the greys and whites that have dominated modern living room furniture trends for years can be seen even in the colour palettes, which are softer, more muted, and more inviting.

This is a complete reversal of fortune. As a result, luxurious living room furniture is a hot trend. Incorporating fringe, bold patterns, and vibrant colour schemes are easy ways to achieve this look. Also, keep in mind that more is more when it comes to maximalism. So don’t be afraid to pack your space with furnishings, patterns, and colours.


1. What is a modern living room style?

For starters, most modern living rooms are open-concept, with connections to the kitchen or dining room. This makes them feel airy and light—visually delimited spaces without walls. Modern interior design favors oversized wall art.

2. What are the styles of living rooms?

  • Modern
  • Traditional
  • Eclectic
  • Beach Style
  • Mediterranean
  • Rustic
  • Contemporary
  • Transitional

3. What Is Contemporary Style?

A contemporary decorating style is characterized by simplicity, subtle sophistication, deliberate texture, and clean lines. Interiors often emphasize space over objects. The contemporary style is both modern and current.

4. What should I put on my living room walls?

  1. Go for large-scale art.
  2. Incorporate an accent wall.
  3. Hang up mirrors.
  4. Install shelving.
  5. Hang plates.
  6. Curate a gallery wall.
  7. Showcase some fabric.
  8. Paint a mural.

5. Which colour is best for the living room?

Harmony and renewal can be found in the colour green. Because it mimics the colours of nature, it’s one of the best paint colours for living rooms. Green walls will breathe new life into your living room if you don’t have the space or time for a slew of indoor plants.

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